Hello (Intro)

When I started recording tracks for a DJ's mixtape around 1998 I had no clue how important of a role music would play in defining the person I would become. I realized that writing lyrics allowed me to express myself in a way that resonated with the people. I told stories, used my voice as an instrument, and most importantly dropped knowledge on whoever would really listen to the messages in the songs. As time went by I created the soundtrack to my life. Along the way I've met so many great people who are artists like myself. As different as we are we share one common bond which unites us and allows us to let our guard down for the sake of making magic through the speakers. That common bond is music.

Along this journey I've learned to be resourceful in order to create a lot of the necessary items needed in order to market and promote my music. Fortunately I'm also a graphic artist which has allowed me to be very self sufficient in creating my own marketing materials. I designed my logo, album art, single cover art, social media branding, flyers, filmed my own music videos and lastly built this website. But not all marketing requires graphics. My hope for this blog is to give other musicians tips on how to market and promote themselves in order to help their music career.

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